Let's Cook

Healthy eating made easy.

Healthy eating made easy.

The future of cooking is here.

We've designed a cooking app exclusively for the iPhone that will transform your cooking and dining experience. No more worrying about what to cook or how to eat healthy.

Decide what you'll cook easily

Instantly find a healthy recipe that matches your current mood. Use quick filters or just talk to Siri. No more wasted time or stress on what to cook.
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Every recipe is personalized to you  ❤️

Using our AI algorithms, each recipe is prepared specifically for you, based on your dietary preferences, health goals, cooking level, and more.
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Live Cooking Assistance

No cooking experience?
No problem.

Just say: 'Siri, I need cooking assistance' to receive live support from the AI chef for your current recipe or any other cooking-related queries.

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Works like magic.

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Integrated with Siri

Can't decide what to cook? Just talk to Siri about your mood, and it will suggest a personalized recipe for you. Need a recipe to use up your leftovers? Siri can provide options in just 10 seconds.

Motivational Help

Don't feel like cooking?

Talk to Siri when you don't feel like cooking and she will motivate you. So, you won't have any excuses not to cook healthy meals and take care of your body.

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Designed to put your mind at ease about healthy eating ♥

might wanna hide this for now. Download now and experience the future of cooking.